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BCC Resources

Energy Saving Technology Training Webinar

LED Lighting

Heat Pumps

BeMS Controls

Summary/ Q&A

Behaviour Change Webinar

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Practical Steps to Change Behaviour

Part 3: Taking Behaviour Change back into your Business

Download BCC Behaviour Change Webinar resources here.

IO-Gen Training Video

July 2023 Training

IO-Gen's first webinar training for the BCC this summer.

BCC Energy Management Training (Recording)

This Energy Management webinar is part of The Mayor's Business Climate Challenge, a programme to encourage and support small and medium businesses across London to reduce their carbon emissions. Rising energy costs and the need to act on climate change means businesses are looking at how they use energy and what they can do to reduce consumption to lower bills and emissions. Delivered by Turner & Townsend and io-gen, the webinar provides businesses with a basic and practical understanding to manage energy including energy measurement, energy efficiency, low carbon heating, renewable energy, target setting and reporting. It also provides a demonstration of the io-gen energy management platform and its application to measure and track energy consumption, identify waste and measure the impact of energy reduction projects.


00:04:42 – Energy Management Training

00:52:50  – Introduction to IO-Gen

00:57:48  – Live Demo IO-Gen

01:19:45    – Question & Answer

01:39:45   – Closing Remarks

BCC Onboarding Call (Recording)

Last Onboarding Call Recording

Onboarding Intro

Onboarding Meeting - BCC Journey

Onboarding Meeting - Business Analysis

Onboarding Meeting - Business Action

Onboarding Meeting - Business Action

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