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IO-Gen 360 Survey & Asset Management Platform

Services & Platform Features:

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360° Survey with 4K Optics

High resolution 4K camera for image clarity.

Virtually walk through your site or building via the platform

Access anytime and anywhere on any device

Shareable links for collaborative working. Add notes, etc.

360° Survey with LiDAR

Topdown floor plans and dollhouse view of each building or site

View 360 in 3D. Measure spaces & objects within the survey

Includes IO-Gen generated floorplans/ blueprints

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IoT Integration

Display real-time IoT sensor information like temperature, proximity, motion, desk occupancy, etc.

Working with the most innovative hardware sensors in the market today with both wireless and wired options.

Additional Features

Asset tag equipment with extra information like install or maintenance date, etc.

Upload documents such as user manuals for equipment, photos, drawings, etc.

"Pick-up" assets or equipment with our 3D modelling

Build & maintain your asset library in the platform via a dedicated asset management page.


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